The Cake of Life

– A Light Hearted Poem 🙂

Looked it up on the Internet

Felt unsure but consulted with my Gut

Red Velvet, Chocolate & Cream Cheese

Made my heart shout out with Glee

Problems, Sorrows & Worries,

Reassurance after a chit chat with my Buddies

Whip it, Shake it, Cookie cut & Break It

Listen to your heart but also mind It

Pick up the pieces, put them in a grinder Again

All smiles, the world is functioning Again

Frosting adds the extra layer of bliss to Life

As we forgive and forget while enjoying Life

As the day goes by so do a million Moods

Just like the color scheme of Macaroons

The day shall come when we shall go out for Brunch

And experience that hot crispy Waffle Crunch.

The journey of life is a lot like Cake

You can bake your happiness or show a Fake

Childhood or adulthood, nothing excites like Ice cream

I hope you have a good night’s sleep with a sweet little dream

A sweet touch to the Journey of Life

This is the Cake of Life 🙂

Published by Thoughts that make you Think by Kriti Jain

Hi, Welcome to my blog- Thoughts that Make you Think by Kriti Jain 🙂 This blog aims to bring you unique stories from around the world- about people, movies, books, and well, basically everything under the sun that is different, underrated and what will surely create a place for itself in the magical realm of your thoughts. I freelance as a content writer, aspire to be a published author and also make short films in the future which would carry a similar message as this blog. You will find here great ideas & excellent recommendations. Happy Reading :)

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