Emotional Quotient

(Disclaimer: This is out of observations from not just my life but also of a few others, not specific to anyone)

What is it that sets us apart from other animals in the animal kingdom?

Our emotional capabilities.

As humans, we do have our belonging needs as Mr. Maslow said in the past.

When it comes to strangers or people not that important to us, we have so much attitude to show if a fight breaks up but when it comes to those few people who matter the most- family, best friends, someone you love etc. why does all hell break lose?

Somewhere we are to blame.

When we call someone our ‘best friend’ we are giving them their due importance of how much they matter.

And if like me you give your all to any kind of relationship that you have with a close person, you are bound to get attached and have expectations.

It might seem a small thing to the other person and they may say.. why are you so sensitive? you need to grow up.. stop crying..

But the world set aside, it is the validation we seek from these people that matter and we unknowingly give them the power to hurt us.

Nobody tells us this but we need to build transparent walls in all our close relationships.. walls that don’t show to the other person in any way but walls that protect you from being emotionally dependent on them and your happiness directly related somewhat to their behaviour with you.

But then how does one love and care for someone without any inhibitions?

It’s important to understand that crying is often not a sign of weakness, as assumed by many.

It’s actually sometimes a defense mechanism so you’d rather cry and bear the pain for the moment than say worse things and make your important person feel bad and it does make you feel light once in while like how the beach is calm post a storm…

It’s better to cry it out than hold things within for months and live with that.

It’s only human to feel things, we’re not stone cold after all.

So let’s be sensitive and realistic & let others be too 🙂

Published by Thoughts that make you Think by Kriti Jain

Hi, Welcome to my blog- Thoughts that Make you Think by Kriti Jain 🙂 This blog aims to bring you unique stories from around the world- about people, movies, books, and well, basically everything under the sun that is different, underrated and what will surely create a place for itself in the magical realm of your thoughts. I freelance as a content writer, aspire to be a published author and also make short films in the future which would carry a similar message as this blog. You will find here great ideas & excellent recommendations. Happy Reading :)

6 thoughts on “Emotional Quotient

  1. Wow… that was so deep & definitely something to think about. Sensible, mature thoughts that can come from a person with profound values!


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