Tiktok Tactics

An app that begins with a wrong spelling (Tick Tock*) does little when it comes to entertainment.

It’s a free country and I have seen some really funny ones but the 80% that trend are on makeup & fashion and how someone can magically wear clothes without putting them on…. or clean mirrors and change outfits instantly!

Is it only me or when I start seeing these, I feel my IQ’s dropped 20 points?!!

On one hand we have people who are making the country proud- scientists, business leaders and creators of real art- artists, authors, film makers etc.

You don’t have to be an extraordinary contributor but can also be a normal person with a normal job. That’s totally okay and very cool.

But I recently came across one that really made me question people.

A tiktok mix that makes a famous tiktok guy (won’t name) throw acid on a girl out of anger and she shows her face with makeup inspired by an acid attack…

It’s funny how everyone was in awe of Deepika Padukone for daring to do a challenging role of an acid attack survivor.. take note.. ‘survivor’. Such sensitive things are being made tiktoks on!

Then there are others who have 1.5 million followers by making unrealistic tiktoks on how to impress a boy/girl.. 

Imagine: these people are doing this everyday.

It’s not always about making money or doing what makes you happy for some time.

But also seeing the bigger picture- who are these tiktoks helping?

It’s a virus in itself.

We need to really support genuinely creative people like musicians, painters etc. who work hard on their craft.

If we really want to grow as individuals.. we need to step out of this app.

It’s addictive and seems fun but one doesn’t realize how dumb it gets after a point..

An hour spent making lame videos that ain’t really helping many.

For people who want to send out good messages, they’ll always have youtube and the power of social media to voice their messages and influence people.

Before our kids become tik-tok stars…

Let’s discover some genuinely interesting apps!

However nerdish it may sound =

The Wall Street Journal posts super interesting articles on what’s happening in the world.

When it comes to a fun app, why not try chess? or learn illustrator on the app and make cool designs?

There’s so much one can do if we just look beyond the easy window, that is open right in front of us πŸ™‚

Published by Thoughts that make you Think by Kriti Jain

Hi, Welcome to my blog- Thoughts that Make you Think by Kriti Jain πŸ™‚ This blog aims to bring you unique stories from around the world- about people, movies, books, and well, basically everything under the sun that is different, underrated and what will surely create a place for itself in the magical realm of your thoughts. I freelance as a content writer, aspire to be a published author and also make short films in the future which would carry a similar message as this blog. You will find here great ideas & excellent recommendations. Happy Reading :)

8 thoughts on “Tiktok Tactics

  1. Really enjoyed reading this article. It felt like a breath of fresh air. The free flowing narrative was to the point & indeed intriguing.
    Loved & second your point of view!


  2. A more sincere, logical and right on point description of that app. I’ll always use this blog to tell people why should they not use that app that too logical reasons. Thank youuu!!


  3. A more sincere, logical and right on point description of that app. I’m always going to use this blog to have a debate with people, to tell them why shouldn’t they use this app. Thank youu….


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